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Benji Explains

Apr 1, 2020

What if your computer breaks while stores are closed due to COVID-19? Is there anything you can do to prepare?

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The three major recommendations from this episode are:
- Backup your data - both with an external hard drive and an online service
- Consider getting a spare computer or spare parts for your current computer
- Consider shutting down your computer when you are not using it

Links and things relevant to this episode:
- Backblaze -
- Time Machine -
- Windows Backup -
- How to check your hard drive size so you know how big of a backup drive to buy
- Mac:
   * Click on Apple icon at top left of your screen
   * Choose “About This Mac"
   * Choose “Storage” tab
- Windows 10:
- Recommended external hard drives
- Portable -
   * Optional upgrade -
- Desktop -